The Charity


The Template Foundation was founded in 1995 as a registered charity in England and Wales, charity number 1049102.


The current Trustees are, alphabetically by surname:

-  Michele Charlton

-  Terry Gloag

-  David Thomas

-  Nick Woodeson



Should you wish to contact us about any matter, or about the activities and events we support, please E-mail us at:


Our registered offices are:

Template Foundation

The Centre

Bath Place





Charitable Objectives


The registered Objects of the Charity are:

1.   To advance the education of the public by:

(a) The promotion and further study of human behavioural sciences, philosophy, history, and allied subjects, including arts such as theatre, dance and music;

(b) The establishment of centres and facilities.

2.   To offer and represent in all activities the natural education and arts of human expression and living derived from the template and emin archives (*), the on-going body of philosophical and practical research that forms the basis for the charitable activities of the charity, for the benefit of the public.

3.   To promote the study, research and exploration of new ways and new applications into all aspects of the above, and to disseminate the useful results of such study, research and exploration for the benefit of the public.

* Further information can be found at