In respect of the new European and UK laws concerning data privacy and protection, which came into force on May 25th 2018, the Template Foundation adheres to the following principles and practices.


1.  The Template Foundation holds a minimum amount of information about supporters, volunteers and donators, and all information is held confidentially.

2.   Names, email addresses and telephone contact details are held for purposes of facilitating communications about charitable events, supporter and volunteer activities. This information is only held where this communication has been requested.

3.  Individuals are able to change or correct their details at any point, opt in or out of receiving communications and can request that their contact details are deleted.

4.  To facilitate those who wish to work together on their charitable activities, a list of names, telephone numbers and email addresses of regular donators, supporters and volunteers is maintained and shared with everyone on that list who has given consent to share this data.  An individual may request to elect in or out of this limited data sharing at any point.

5.  Where an event or accommodation is booked, the information held pertains only to the booking and is used for no other purpose. Following the completion of any booking this information can be immediately deleted upon request.

6.  We keep records of names, amounts donated and addresses of people who have signed a gift aid declaration to be able to claim the gift aid on a regular basis. For regular donators names and amounts donated show on bank statements.

7.  All records are maintained for 6 years in accordance with accounting and legal standards.

8.  The Template Foundation never shares personal information with any other third party.